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There are two ways you can use these programs. Either download the class, and try and write a program which will do the same thing , or download the java, and fiddle with it to see how it works. I recommend trying to write it yourself first.

The "What it shows" assumes you know the very basics, and only picks on the easiest program to use these ideas. Other programs may demonstrate the same ideas, but are more complicated.

This page is only updated occasionally. It appears to be in a bit of a mess, and this is being fixed before any new sample programs are being written.

Program Command line Swing JApplet What it shows
Funny Name? Command line inputs
Random numbers
Index Demo ? indexOf for Strings
Leet? Switch on char
How to talk like a hax0r
Brackets checker ? Stack class
Menus ? While loops
Menus (duh)
String Comparison Vectors
equals() for Strings.
Knowledge Base XML
Loading & saving files
Menus being useful
Basic Random Random Numbers
NOTE: The Java section is mostly in maintenence mode. I don't have time to work on it right now. Errors will be corrected if pointed out, but they are not actively being searched for. Newer site features, like alternate stylesheets, may cause problems with these pages.