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This may seem a little paranoid. But it's my site and I can go mad if I want to :)

No hotlinking to images is permitted. I am not your free image host.

If you want to use an article on another site, get in touch and ask! If I like your site, then usually a link back is all I'll ask for. Images are a little more complicated, because some of them came from external sources, and I don't have the permission to redistribute them.

Redistributing images

Except where otherwise noted on the page, you must ask permission first. Your use of the image should provide clear credit to The Kirun Network - this would typically be either linking them image back to the page it was obtained from, or providing a similar link with the image. You must not do anything to confuse attribution of the image - e.g. no adding watermarks or site URLs to the images.

Sites adding little or no value to the images won't get permission. For example, a page with little more than the image and some ad banners will not be considered added value. Neither will be packaging the images with any kind of adware, malware, spyware etc. in any form.

Sites adding value are likely to get a yes. Examples include community comments on how to improve the images, getHotNewStuff repositries, tutorials, etc.

No get-outs

These rules are only intended as a guide as to what is likely to be approved or not approved. If you think you've got some clever way around these rules, you haven't - permission is explicitly denied to anyone who tries to cheat me.


If you ignore the rules, and use my work in a commercial context without permission, the following charges apply. When bundled with adware, all revenue paid or due from these installs will be paid to me, plus a £100 fine per user. For images or content used in spamvertised sites, £1 for every e-mail sent promoting that site, plus all income from product sales and advertising on that site. For other websites, all advertising income (including affliate programmes) from the date the image was used on the sites. These fines do not indicate permission in any way.

***Bitman Fighter***

©1992-1999 Rhodri Williams

-Distribute freely, but don't change the code
-Send money to the author(s) if you want
-If you play the game more than 10000 times then you must voluntarily 
admit yourself to the nearest psychiatric hospital and get help!


The Kirun Network is a hobby. Do not rely on anything I say, as I do not claim to not be talking rubbish. Thankyou and please don't sue :)