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CSS Preview

CSS Preview provides a way to experiment with CSS live in a document. It provides an interface for dynamically selecting elements and applying style to them. As new features means less browser compatibility, three versions are provided so one should work with your browser. If not, upgrade your browser, or desktop environment.

The table gives a rough idea of which browser versions support which CSS Preview versions. Earlier versions may work, but are untested. Unsure of which version to use?

Version Mozilla Konqueror Opera IE
CSS Preview 5 [pop]
CSS Preview 6 [pop]
CSS Preview 7 [pop]

Links open in this window. [pop] opens in popup, to maximise space.


15th April 2006:

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CSS Preview Survey

Please take the survey, and let me know what you want from CSS Preview.

HTML Preview

HTML Preview is on holiday, while I work out issues of people generating 404s. Don't despair though, Jesse Ruderman's HTML Editor does pretty much the same thing.