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J - Demonstration Java files included.
A - Demonstration applet included.
  1. Dealing with array out of bounds.
  2. What is the null string? - see
  3. How do you check if two strings are equal? J
  4. What's the difference between Java and JavaScript?
  5. Using ++ and -- A
  6. ELSE without IF
  7. String not terminated at end of line
  8. Undefined variable: <name>
  9. Undefined variable or class name: <name>
  10. Invalid type expression
  11. Method <name> not found in class <class name>
  12. Incompatible type for <thing>. Can't convert <type> to <other type>
  13. Wrong number of arguments in method
  14. Incompatible type for <thing>. Explicit cast needed to convert <type> to <another type>
  15. Unbalanced parentheses
  16. Missing term
  17. Attempt to reference method <method name> in class <class name> as an instance variable.
  18. Statement not reached
  19. 'case' or 'default'outside switch statement
  20. Method <name> requires a method body. otherwise declare it as abstract
  21. Return required
  22. Hello World J
  23. Making Your Own Exceptions J
  24. Making Your Own Classes
  25. Focus on: arrays J
  26. Attempt to reference field <name> in a <array>
  27. [] can only be applied to arrays. It can't be applied to <type>
  28. Array index required.
  29. Making applets J
  30. Switch statements J
  31. Public, private and protected
  32. Basic types
  33. Random Numbers
  34. Static
  35. Reference to variable <variable> in class <class> as if it were a method
  36. void
  37. "<char>" Vs '<char>'
  38. Null pointer exceptions
  39. Using += , -= , *= , /= and %=A
  40. Method <type> <name> requires a method body. Otherwise declare it abstract.
  41. Catch not reached
  42. Using <<, >> and >>> A
  43. "class" or "interface" keyword expected
  44. <type> cannot be dereferenced.
  45. Missing method body, or declare abstract
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