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Capslock HOWTO

The more IT literate among you may recognise this as a keyboard. This article hopes to break down some of the mysteries of the keyboard and allow you to fully appreciate its usage.

The Capslock Key

The capslock key serves a useful purpose. If you need to type several capital letters at once, it lets you do this. Simply press once to turn on capitals, and press again to turn them off. Off is important. Usually a light will appear on your keyboard to inform you of the status. If you're not sure which one, if your typing LOOKS LIKE THIS, you really should press it again.

The Shift Key

If you want only one capital letter, the shift key is what you need. Hold down shift, and without letting go, press the key you want. This also lets you access the funny symbols on the top of some keys.


Now you know how to use a keyboard, there's NO NEED TO SHOUT, and no need to avoid all punctuation and proper capitalisation. Enjoy your newfound freedom behind the keyboard. Write a novel! Complain to a newspaper! Don't look like a total moron in chatrooms!

Impolite Notice

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