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Browser Report Card

Who is incompatible with who? Maybe a pointless question, given that not working is not working, whoever's fault it may be. However, it may be useful (somehow) for visitors to know why stuff doesn't work, and if I'm aware of it.

The Browsers


Opera should display most of the site correctly. If not, make sure you have the latest version. The scripted pages may not work - Opera currently lacks good support for relevant standards. If, even after upgrading to the latest version, a page fails to work, file a bug with Opera.

Internet Explorer

Nearly all the site should be usable in IE. However, some CSS Previews don't (for some reason), and a few others (entity map, fridge poetry) are wonky. If you have IE4 or below, it won't support any scripted pages on this site


Netscape 4 and below won't work with any scripts. Netscape 6 and above should work the same as Mozilla. Netscape 5 was started, but never released.


Everything should work in Mozilla. If something's broken, I don't know or I wouldn't have uploaded it.

Konqueror & Safari

These two browsers share a common core. Most stuff works in them. A few things rely on CSS Selectors which are not supported. This shouldn't present too much of a problem.

Text Mode Browsers

Should be OK, once you've scrolled past the navigation.