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Pottery Licker

The Lottery Picker is for 6-from-49 only. The odds for this are 13,983,816 to 1. For other random numbers, try

Fun Lottery Facts!

  1. There is no way to increase your chances of winning. At all.
  2. Really. Anyone who says otherwise wants your money.
  3. If "winning systems" worked, the creators would spend their time buying tickets, not selling the system.
  4. People play some numbers more than others, believing them to be "lucky".
  5. Payouts where "lucky" numbers are drawn are lower, because they're shared more ways.
  6. Systems which claim to win more money by buying lots of similar tickets don't work either.
  7. On average, every single form of gambling loses the punters money.
  8. There are people whose job it is to keep it this way.
  9. Lotteries keep a much higher percentage of the player's money than casinos do.
  10. Casinos make up for this by making it easy to lose more money in one go.
  11. To win a 6 from 49 lottery in 25 years, on average, you must buy 10,757 tickets a week.

Some Numbers

If you still feel like wasting your money, these are as good as any other ones. Which isn't saying much.

6 21 22 23 30 32
Numbers valid for 6 milliseconds per day.

The Maths

OK, so how do I come up with these mumbers. Firstly, the odds of winning a 6-from-49 lottery:

Milliseconds per day

Tickets per week

On average, to have a chance come up, you must run the event the same number of times as the odds... For example, to get a six on a die, on average, six rolls would be needed.