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Code Masters

Advanced Egg Simulator Code Master's most popular titles were the Dizzy games. They've sold over a million between them. Yes, it's everyone's favourite egg. The game's one of a select few that wasn't called Advanced ......... Simulator. Obviously, this was an error. As most "advanced simulator" titles weren't very good simulations anyway, what's wrong with an egg simulator that's got nothing to do with eggs? Even if the sprite looks like one?

If Dizzy wasn't an egg, then reviewers would have had a much harder time. Every single review of a Dizzy game ever was padded out with awful egg puns such as "This one could be hard to beat", "a cracking game", etc. It's not as if the Codies are completely blameless themselves, though. The introduction of the "Yolk Folk" in Fantasy World Dizzy was another act of pure evil. At least the first few games were logical. In the later games, you usually had to resort to "use everything everywhere until something works" tactics. I blame whoever stopped The Oliver Twins from making the games.

Although it seems that Andrew & Phillip have unlimited imagination, that doesn't extend to keypress cheats. Several of their games used the same keys, A-6-P (6 had the & sign on it). Super Robin Hood (with poor "Help / Save Me Robin speech) and Ghost Hunters (with poor "Ghost Hunters" speech) spring to mind.

dizzy The next thing of note is those lovely Quattro compilations! Four games! I don't know how much money they made out of these, but it was certainly a lot. They didn't have new games on either, but old ones that they cunningly re-released together. And Dizzy. Dizzy was on about half the Quattro compilations. Still, they let me get a good selection of games.

Unfortunately, I can't be bothered writing about their later stuff, as it doesn't have the same charm (oddities you put up with 'cos it was £2.99)