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NoteEdit is a, um, note editor for KDE. Armed with little musical ability, and a Bontempi organ manual, I set out to see what its capabilities are. Despite not really knowing what I was doing, I managed to enter sequences for the contents of the manual. These are below for your enjoyment.

The Results!

Fur EliseNoteEdit | MIDI
La PalomaNoteEdit | MIDI
Silent NightNoteEdit | MIDI
The Carnival Of VeniceNoteEdit | MIDI
When The Saints Go Marching InNoteEdit | MIDI

Nice Picture

The fun I had

The first thing I noticed was it is very quiet by default. This led on a quest which turned up such gems as the sfxload command, the fact NoteEdit forgets its settings, and by default it goes to MIDI out, not the sequencer. This is on my Audigy, YMMV. Happily, later versions seem to not have the same bugs: my settings are remembered now. I still have to sfxload on reboot, though (which isn't NoteEdit's fault at all).