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tony blair tilesThe chin is also the forehead. Very disturbing.

blobsLovely blue blobs

fyreA fiery background, toned down so text is only partially unreadable on it.

globuleWeirdo grey/red blobby texture

nightmareThe kind of texture that pulsates away in your nightmares.

red scaleRed scales.

stripeWhy am I even bothering to describe these? You can see what they look like, and if you can't, you won't be using them anyway.

vein Magenta fluffy clouds in an orange sky. Would I lie to you?

zebraThis one looks like an elephant. No wait, a hippo. Leopard? I'll get it eventually.

If you want to use these backgrounds on any of your pages, place this button on your page and link back to me:another page ruined

For those of you that care, I used Kai's Power Tools 2/3 with Serif PhotoPlus 6. Yes, Paint Shop Pro is better, but isn't £19.95, which is what I paid for PhotoPlus. This was all on an old PC, where Gimp crashed, and there was no room left to install Linux. Nowadays I run Linux full-time at home.