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Date of birth: 2nd March,1981

I am a competent, flexible worker. I have vast experience of many different computer operating systems and applications. I am conscientious, and am always pleased to see a job well done. I am organised, friendly, and have good interpersonal skills.

My main interest is in computing. I spend a lot of my leisure time programming and upgrading my PC. I am also interested in graphics, especially 3D rendering, using Bryce 4.

Continuing from my science-based A-levels, I am particularly interested in current advances in the fields of science and technology. I try to keep abreast of these developments by reading science magazines and journals.

I enjoy comedy TV programmes and films, eating out and socialising with friends locally.

I have three cats, who sometimes accompany me on walks in the surrounding countryside. We have family membership of the National Trust and enjoy visiting their many places of interest.

Technical Skills

I have used the database connectivity functionality of PHP with both MySQL and PostgreSQL.
Web Technologies
I am familiar with a wide range of web technologies, including HTML, XML, PHP, DOM and CSS. This can be seen in my CSS Preview system.
I have experience of the JAXP package, which was optional for J2SE 1.3, but is included in J2SE 1.4. This will allow me to write applications which use XML to store or exchange data. An example of my Java programming is available.
The database modules I took covered basic SQL databases, the object-relational database PostgreSQL, and the object database O2. I am also familiar with PHPMyAdmin, a web-based front end to PHP.
Group Work
During my course at University, two modules required working in a group with others. This has given me valuable experience in the skills required for this. I report bugs to the Mozilla project, and frequently check on it's status, which provides experience of how a very large project is run.
Design Methodologies
I am familiar with both the SSADM and UML systems.
I am experienced in StarOffice, Microsoft and Lotus environments, and have also previously used WordPerfect 5. I also am familiar with products from Serif, JASC, MetaCreations, PlanIt and SoftQuad.


I recently finished my 3-year Computing and Information Systems course at the University of Bradford. The main language we studied was Java. Through the two group projects that were part of the course, I gained valuable insights into how to work as a team. The department's Sun machines provided a useful introduction into Unix. Other courses provided introductions to areas such as OpenGL and PostgreSQL.
  • General Studies A
  • Computing C
  • Physics D
  • Mathematics D
  • Mathematics A
  • Chemistry A
  • Physics A
  • English Literature A
  • Information Systems B
  • English B
  • French B
  • Geography B
  • Biology B
  • History C


Dec 2003 - Apr 2004
M² Consultancy. Worked on various PHP-based web projects. Also produced a Perl/modem interface for the sending and manipulation of text messages.
2002 - 2003
Assorted tempoary jobs.
1997 - 2002
Saturday work at Arnold Laver DIY, Guiseley. Computer design assistant for the furniture department. Creating presentation graphics of kitchens for customers. I also produce information leaflets for use throughout the Arnold Laver group. I have also assisted at the annual stock-take since 1996.
Homeloan Management, Skipton. Work experience. I encountered various aspects of the uses of information technology in the field of financial management.