CSS Preview 5

Welcome to CSS Preview. This lets you see how CSS styles affect various elements. First, select the element you want to change. The elements flash when you select them, helping you to see what's selected. Then, find the control for the property you want to change. Enter the new value (press return for text fields) . Something, such as the span this sentence is in, should then change. This won't work with old browsers at all. Don't be surprised if some things don't work - not every property works for every element or on every browser. Here is an inline image to play with. And here are some quotes.

This is the table's caption
This is the first table This is a cell designed to make the text inside it take up several lines, showing some different formatting effects. Unless you're a rich so-and-so, and can afford one of those 48-inch widescreen plasma monitors that cost more than... uh... everything :) This is the end of the row.
This is, wait, for it, a table cell again! And another... ... and yet another.

  1. Look, ma, an ordered list!
  2. Rest
  3. of
  4. ordered
  5. list
  • This
  • is
  • an
  • unordered
  • list
Here is some text that has a link in it.






Form controls, without a form